We Are Tina Too

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A personal perspective of the day.

The day started with a march to the combined courts in Preston where the proceedings would be heard. Unfortunately I was not able to get there in time for this and missed Tina’s speech before she went inside.

The support outside the courts was peaceful but vocal. There were frack free groups from all parts of the country with many having travelled hundreds of miles. We heard many heart warming speeches in support of Tina and gained real encouragement in listening to how the anti fracking movement has grown so quickly. We also heard from the Green Party and a trade unionist who described how her particular union was raising anti fracking motions for adoption. We were also entertained with poetry, rap and singing. It was definitely a movement of the people.
Cuadrilla had tried to bill this court hearing as a matter of court proceedings but it became blatantly obvious at the private hearing that that this was not the case when we heard that the hearing was listed as Cuadrilla V Rothery. Come lunchtime we were informed that the proceedings had progressed but there was to be an adjournment. At around 2.05 pm we started getting some thumbs up signs from inside the building. A buzz of excitement ensued and the crowd outside started waving and cheering. Tina then emerged and confirmed that the court had discharged the order against her and she would not be sent to prison.

The local TV news were keen to get interviews and Tina was superb in the way she dealt with the situation. There was much hugging, kissing and dancing and then we enjoyed a much deserved celebratory drink down at the local pub.
What a wonderful day this turned out to be.
A wonderful result in the court today which meant Tina was quite rightly not sent to prison and the threat has been lifted.


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