There are currently no licensed sites occupied by a peaceful protest camp within the Dee Coalition area.

Borras and Holt Community Protection Camp.

The camp was set up in October 2014 to protect the land in response to the overturning – by the unelected and unaccountable Planning Inspector – of Wrexham council’s decision to refuse planning permission for GP/Dart Energy/IGas to undertake exploratory drilling for ‘unconventional’ gas at Borras Commonwood (Borras Head farm).

On June 30th 2016 the PEDL licence for Wrexham, as well as several others,  was dropped by the Oil and Gas Authority, so Borras is now frack free and the camp site returned to its original use.



Upton Community Protection Camp – (historic)

UCPC was set up in April 2014 by undisclosed individuals who recognised the opportunity of occupying the drill site prior to works commencing, and it was finally evicted and demolished on January 12th 2016

It was the first fracking site in the UK where this tactic was employed and has since been replicated elsewhere. It was also the longest running anti fracking camp in the UK prior to its demise.


The site is still leased by Igas at Duttons Lane in Upton nr. Chester.

Duttons lane is directly off the A41, opposite the Upton High School playing fields.  The closest postcode available is CH2 2PE, but it’s best to check Google Maps

The camp was on the field which Dart Energy intended to locate their drill on. This field remains to be the focus for the local campaign, especially as Ineos have made statements in the media confirming that they still have interest in the site for shale gas.