The Return of Igas

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We have been informed that Cllr Matt Bryan  had a chat with the planning department on Friday.

” They have had an inquiry from iGas with a request to slightly alter one of their existing coal bed methane permissions to the flow testing stage.

Due to the alteration to the Cheshire West constitution made last year, the planning department quite rightly told them no and to submit a new full planning application.”

Congratulations to the planning department and all concerned who have worked to create and uphold the new CW&C constitution, this new round of planning applications is so very different form the previous round, in the previously all applications seemed to be just ticked off and approved by one single person; also the nature of these new applications is changing, we have now passed the exploratory stage and igas are now looking at the pre-production phase of unconventional gas extraction.

For the moment we can breathe easy, but here is a timely reminder that iGas has not gone away, they are simply gearing up for more, and that they are now working on their planning applications to be submitted soon.

It is timely then, to also remind ourselves that only last year a government document on the effects of fracking was released and heavily redacted.  This article here contains a link to a word document of the report with the redacted parts highlighted in red so they can be immediately seen. When it comes to objecting to planning applications, some of these points might come in handy, but remember that you cannot simply object to a planning application on general terms, say for instance because fracking is a bad idea.

Objections have to be specific to that application, about reasons why that particular application is wrong for that particular location.

So have a read of the redacted parts and think about how you could adapt those parts to a new application on your doorstep. There may be new locations coming into play soon rather than just the previous exploratory sites.

It is also worth reminding that Friends of the Earth are holding a day of free Power Up training with Naomi Luhde-Thompson, Planning Specialist at Friends of the Earth. in Northwich on December 3rd 2016 so feel free to book yourself onto this full day.

***UPDATE*** we have received an email update about this session from Friends of the Earth, stating that this event has been postponed until the last Saturday in January (28th January 2017). This info has not yet been updated on the event link so please bear this new date in mind and please book if you are free for the January date.

The info on the site says –

Get clued up and empower yourself to win campaigns through the planning system.

The day is aimed at giving you and your community an introduction to the local planning systems and skills necessary to win successful campaigns against local development that is socially and environmentally degrading – including fracking.

An understanding of planning is one of the most important tools you can have as a campaigner.

The day will focus on:

  • Our rights under the planning system

  • The planning system – Its strengths and its flaws

  • How to influence planning decisions.


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