Planning Application Expires at Upton – May 2016

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This weekend we have cause to celebrate!

This is the view today of the site of the former Upton Community Protection Camp at Duttons Lane, Chester


The planning application for this site has now expired.


UCPC was set up in April 2014 by undisclosed individuals who recognised the opportunity of occupying the drill site prior to works commencing, and it was finally evicted and demolished on January 12th 2016

It was the first fracking site in the UK where this tactic was employed and has since been replicated elsewhere. It was also the longest running anti fracking camp in the UK prior to its demise.

Without its presence – the people living there, the many members of the surrounding areas who supported and were an integral part of the camp community, and the many outside groups who came and supported and offered training and shared experience to us all – this field would have gone under the drill, risking the the health of the village of Upton, its residents and the children from the schools all within a few hundred metres radius of the site

After the eviction in January, Igas released a statement saying that they were withdrawing from this planning application to explore for coalbed methane. This is not the end of the story, however. Igas inherited the application for CBM from Dart Energy. Igas, however are after shale gas, and only in September 2015 re-negotiated a lease for the field for the next 30 years at a cost of £60,000, and are in the process of buying up additional sites across the area between Upton, Wervin, Mickle Trafford and Bridge Trafford.

The opposition to this industry is far from over, the next challenge we face will not be one of occupying drill sites, it will be in objecting to Igas/Ineos’ planning applications to make sure they do not get permission in the first place.
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However, today we can celebrate this single victory,what a tremendous and worthwhile community, regional, national and international campaign this was to achieve this.

Let’s keep going.