Objections needed! Re: INEOS Midlands press, pull-out advertisment.

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Objections needed!

The folowing blog regards the recent advertisment by INEOS in the Midlands press and how objections can be submitted against it. INEOS currently holds over 1 million acres under licence in Cheshire, the East Midlands, Scotland, and South and North Yorkshire…..


Commencing from the 25th of January, INEOS has targeted several Johnston press titles in the East Midlands for a charm offensive with an 8 page pull-out advertising supplement entitiled ‘Fracking. What everyone should know’. An electronic/online version was also made available (follow the link below) with some variations in the text to the print version. The advert was intended to ‘set the record straight about shale gas’ (Tom Pickering, INEOS director).


However, within the text there are many claims and statements which have since been called into question.

A comprehensive complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority can be found here, ‘When the “FACTS” are simply not the facts’ published on the 27th January by Refracktion:


In which they describe the suppliment as having:

  • (Misleading advertising)
  • 3.6 (Subjective claims)
  • 3.7 (Substantiation)
  • 3.11 (Exaggeration).

Examples of such bold statements/claims are that the shale gas industry is a ‘once-in-a-generation opportunity’ (as if the gas will sudddenly disappear unless they extract it now) that  will lower your gas bill (not your house prices), it will reduce CO2 emissions, and it will generate over 64,000 jobs.  They also include inflated predictions on the positive effect shale gas extraction will have on the economy, misleading statements regarding new techcnology used in modern unconventional shale gas extraction methods, as well as indiscretions regarding timescales for drilling/production. They also question the effectiveness of clean and sustainable wind and solar energy.

To read more: ( http://www.refracktion.com/index.php/when-the-facts-simply-are-not-the-facts/ )


So what can you do?

If you, like others, consider this 8 page advertisement pull out to be (at any point) misleading then you can submit your objections by phone, email or by post to the Advertising Standards Authority. Follow the link here to guide you: https://www.asa.org.uk/Consumers/How-to-complain.aspx

Your opinion counts!


INEOS claim they are committed to public consultation with the communities?

One of the issues that is frequently brought up among community members in Cheshire and other areas across the U.K is the lack of public consultation by the fracking industry companies, that they seek the opinions and approval of government bodies above that of the local residents, if this advertising suppliment is their response to such concerns then it would appear that INEOS have failed in their objective. A supposed  ‘fact’ sheet that includes such apparent inaccuracies will hardly grant them a social licence to frack, nor will it reasssure the general public that this industry has nothing to hide. Indeed, the advert even includes a remark by Stephen Tindale @STindale (INEOS consultant) that it is ‘legitimate for national government sometimes to overrule local government’ which vindicates the disrespectful removal of choice/power from local authorities that speak out or vote against the progression of this industry to support the wishes of their community members.

Have your say on INEOS’ advert!


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