How to…. Check for new planning applications

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How to….. Keep your eyes open….
Checking for new Planning Applications.
Anybody can do this if they have access to a computer, I’m assuming this will be a lot more difficult to do on a mobile phone.
Links to specific pages dont always work, so whatever you find, please remember to write down the reference number of the application so you can go directly back to it in the future.
Your simple starting point is here

– From there, click on the bit that says “Search our planning records or make a comment on a current application”

shot 1
-Clicking on that will take you to another page, where you can select to look at the weekly/monthly lists
weekly listFrom there, you can select the date of the weekly, or monthly list of planning applications that have gone onto the planning website. Read through the list to see if there is anything in there that looks like it may be related to unconventional gas extraction or exploratory drilling.

weekly date selected
If you find anything of interest, follow the instructions below starting at the ****** to show how to look into each application.
______________________________________The above method is good if you are up to date and checking things regularly. Alternatively, you may want to check the planning website to see what is already on there. In that case, instead of searching on the weekly/monthly list, put in a search term in the search box, suggested words to search for are things like drilling or borehole or exploratory – dont be stuck on only using these words, as the title of applications may be worded differently, or if there is a spelling mistake, they wont get picked up. Have a go using these terms to give yourself some practice, the more familiar you are with using the website, the easier you will find it.
boreholeUsing this example, you will then find a list of planning applications that contain the word “borehole”. Not all of them are related to unconventional gas extraction – so dont panic at the long list! Boreholes can be drilled for any number of reasons, so again, its a good idea to do this a few times and get to understand what results you are getting.
borehole resultsHere we have found two interesting results, one for Picton Lane (Mickle Trafford) and one for Marsh House Lane(Farndon)
Don’t panic! Look at the dates of these applications, they are not new. Farndon has already been drilled, and the Mickle Trafford one is the reason that the  Frack Free Mickle Trafford group exists.***** (Continuing also from the weekly list search)*****

So, lets assume you have found something you want to explore. we will use the Picton Lane one above as an example.

Write down the reference number of the application so you can find it quicker next time eg “13/02999/EXT”

Click on the planning application to see what it is about. There are a couple of interesting tabs here, Documents, and Related Cases
picton lane resultClicking on the Related Cases tab will bring up any other planning applications that are related to this one, it may be that you have found one of a series of planning applications. In this case, you will see that there is another planning application (write down its reference number) that you can click on and explore again.
Alternatively, you can also check the previous planning applications associated with that location or address.
original MT applicationClicking on either of these may or may not bring up further planning applications that you might be interested in. Write down their reference numbers so you can keep track of them, by this stage you will be doing lots of clicking backwards and forwards through pages and its easy to get confused.

So now you have probably found more than one planning application that you want to explore and see what its about. They have dates with them, so before panicking, please always check the dates, if they are several years old, the chances are that people know about them. So how do we explore the planning applications themselves now we have found them?

Lets look at this example for 10/10339/MIN | Borehole for Mineral Exploration | Land At Salters Lane Picton Chester Cheshire

Click on it to go to the application itself (we’ve kind of gone in a circle here to a page we’ve visited before) This time we will look at the Documents tab
MT documents tabClicking on this will bring you yet another link to click on, where you can get a list of all the documents to do with this particular planning application.

view associated documents
Clicking now will open up a new window with a list of all the documents. From here on, it is just a case of clicking on each one and seeing what it says. Just be aware that there may be more than one page of documents!
multiple document pagesHappy hunting!