Helsby and Frodsham Awareness Meetings Oct/Nov 2015

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Two new Awareness Meetings in Helsby and Frodsham
28th October and 4th November 2015

Helsby meeting leaflet(please click on image to enlarge)

28th October at 7.30pm Eccies Club, Mountain View, Helsby WA6 0BE

4th November at 7.30pm Frodsham Community Centre, The Cottage, Fluin Lane WA6 7QN

These are all free of charge and all are welcome to attend, so please come yourself if you feel you want more information about what fracking is, and please publicize these events if you are in the area. All the information in the presentations is taken from peer-reviewed scientific studies and references can be given.

These meetings are in response partly due to the new Cheshire license areas , which can be seen on


And also because IGas have commissioned Tesla Exploration Ltd to conduct an intensive 3D seismic survey of the area, mapping out the layers of rock beneath the ground, to record the location and thickness of the shale layers.
This information will be used by the drilling company to decide where to put their drills if this industry goes into operation.

More info from Tesla can be found by clicking on the following link-

And more info about this  from IGas can be found at-

To date, Tesla have been denied permission to use the roads for their survey. Instead they have been detonating 0.5kg of explosives down  pre-drilled boreholes in the local fields and private land & use probes/measuring equipment to read the shockwaves. Local residents have been complaining about loud bangs, their houses shaking and animals panicking.
Tesla have been informed and as one local resident who spoke to them says…

It’s the explosive charges that cause the noise, properties to shake & booms you can feel in the ground. Apparently we shouldn’t be able to experience anything more than a muffled bang from the explosives but it would seem the shockwaves are travelling through rock under ground & being amplified under peoples’ properties..”

People have also been complaining about the rudeness of the Tesla employees! Insisiting in travelling in a convoy of vehicle through the town, cutting people up on the roads in order to do so, and again in the supermarket car park, so they can park together, and queue-jumping and rudeness at the checkout!
Showing little regard for the people that live here – is this an indication of the culture of the industry revealing itself at all levels?
There have been reports of people allegedly being paid up to £400 for access to their property to lay cables, and there have also been reports of people coming home from work and finding that Tesla have laid out markers in their gardens without permission – this is trespass!

Here is a photo of some of the machinery they are using in the fields – the usual thumper-trucks cannot be used off road or track.



SESIMIC BACK for print
In a recent letter to CW&C Councillors, a spokesman for IGas says-

“Operations in the northern part of the survey have proceeded as planned. The data gathering and
restoration on the estuary is complete and the restoration of the marshland areas will be finalised
in agreed stages by 30 September.

Operational activity has now moved south into the parishes of Thornton, Helsby, Manley, Dunham
on the Hill, Wimbolds Trafford, Bridge Trafford, Alvanley and Picton. From there, work will
progress further south culminating in the parishes of Littleton and Tarvin.

As we continue to work in a southerly direction, surveyors working for Tesla Exploration Ltd may
be seen across the area preparing the ground ahead of the operational teams.

“IGas remains committed to informing the local communities on our progress. You may wish to
know that we have, so far, delivered over 3,500 residential leaflets in the northern part of the
survey area and Tesla has delivered a further 7,000 advance notices to residents in the southern
area. A notice has been placed in both the Chester Chronicle and the Ellesmere Port Chronicle and
we held our first community exhibition on 11 August, which was attended by more than 30
councillors and 90 members of the public. We continue to engage with local councils, your
feedback is important to us and would be delighted to come and speak with you at any stage.
In addition, we regularly provide updates and statements on our activity to the local media and
broadcast media, as well as updating our community website www.igas-engage.co.uk.

We will be shortly notifying residents of a second community exhibition for those who live in the
southern area of the survey and want to know more about why we do seismic surveys and the
process we go through to acquire three-dimensional data of the underlying rock formations. The
exhibition will be held on Thursday 8 October between 15:00 – 20:00 at Chester Rugby Union
Football Club, Hare Lane, Littleton, Chester, CH3 7DB.

We have listened to the valuable
feedback received following our first exhibition and will be bringing with us additional material
relating to the process of unconventional oil and gas extraction and our work in the Cheshire West
and Chester area. You are very welcome to attend this second exhibition where I will be happy to
provide you with more detail about the survey progress and our future plans more generally.”

A map of the entire area to be surveyed can be found by clicking this link