NEWS: 15 July:  The environment agency are holding a session at Mickle Trafford village hall next Thursday. This is very sudden, is an odd location and could be the start of a PR exercise by the frackers. The environment agency do seem to support fracking and have declared on a number of occasions that they feel it is a safe process when regulated properly. It would be good for as many as possible to attend and to put concerns to whomever is running this session.

Thursday 21st July “Informal information session by the Environment Agency, Health and Safety Executive and Public Health England about regulation of the oil and gas industry. 2pm-7.30pm, Mickle Trafford Village Hall, Mickle Trafford, Chester, CH2 4EB”.
News 10July: The govt announced updates to the various on shore gas and oil exploration licenses this month.  While 3 have not been renewed, many have been extended by 2 years including PEDL189 which includes Guilden Sutton and Mickle Trafford.  Others nearby have been told they must start drilling exploratory wells within 2 years.

Full details can be found here  PEDL license extensions

76% of Guilden Sutton residents have said NO! to fracking.  Every home in Guilden Sutton received a fracking survey with a response rate of over 70%.  iGas – you have no social license in our village.


News: 30th June.  Good press coverage of the village survey in both the Standard and the Chronicle.  Well done to Sheila for running the press campaign.  Standard Article

News 15th June.  FFGS is now represented by Steph on the village neighbourhood plan committee.  Promoting renewable alternatives and finding a way to represent the villages attitudes towards fracking is her aim.

NEWS: 24th May.   What exactly did INEOS tell our parish councillors at their meeting on 10th May?   Well…here is a link with information gathered from various sources.  It also includes details like they plan to drill only 400m from homes.  Scroll to the bottom of this link to see  what INEOS told councillors


NEWS: 20th May iGAS say it will be difficult to Frack in the NW.   Who said  there is nothing we can do to stop this?  iGas exec on NW

NEWS: Revealed: the catalogue of health and safety breaches by INEOS at Grangemouth

NEWS:   10th May Link to the ITV news item on the INEOS presentation to parish councillors today in Frodsham.  Well done Steve from MT and all the peaceful protestors including our own from Guilden Sutton – we are very proud of you.Video link

NEWS: 21/April – Statement from energy minister Andrea Leadsom about fracking in villages and in national parks. statement

NEWS:  A good turnout today 9th April at the Hoot and Toot morning in Bridge Trafford.   Lots of support from passing motorists coming in and out of Chester


NEWS: Cuadrilla fracking inquiry – date set for Inspectors recommendation drill or drop

NEWS: Earthquake risk in Chester Chester Chronicle Article

NEWS: Discovery that iGAS have acquired a field on the corner of Ince Lane, Bridge Trafford. Huw Rowlands farm

NEWS:  Great turnout on the 10th March for the village information evening on Fracking in and around Guilden Sutton.   It was standing room only and jam packed.  Our thanks to the speakers from FrackFreeDee who talked with great knowledge and passion.  Also big thanks to local MP Chris Matheson and county councillors for coming along to answer our questions.


Click here for Chester Standard letters on Fracking

Click here for the Guilden Sutton village link

FrackFree Guilden Sutton are a group of local residents  raising awareness in the village of the potential risk of Fracking and CBM.   The group meet every two weeks in the Bird in Hand pub in Church Lane and will make any new members very welcome. Our aims are to ensure that as much information about the risks of fracking are distributed to the local community as possible.
twitter: @frackfreegs
facebook group: Frack Free Guilden Sutton