Get Informed – spread the word.


If you are concerned by the idea of unconventional gas extraction, you don’t have to sit in apathy and accept it.  The best thing you can do is arm yourself with the necessary information and tell other people in your community what is happening.


A good source of information is the Frack – Off website.  Frack Off have been researching and resisting the threat of unconventional gas since 2011.

A selection of the many you tube videos available on the subject:

Gaslands (2010)

Anthony Ingraffea (2013)  Ted Talk – Tony Ingraffea is Dwight C. Baum Professor in Engineering, Weiss teaching fellow at Cornell University, who undertook 25 years of research for the oil and gas industry specialising in hydraulic fracturing simulation and pipeline safety.

Dr Ingraffea became the co-editor and chief of ‘Engineering and Fracturing Mechanics’ in 2006.  Dr Ingraffea won the George Irwin Medal for outstanding research on fracture mechanics in 2006, has twice won the US National Research Councils Material Committee for Rock Mechanics award for his research into rock mechanics, in 2009 was named a fellow of the international congress on fracturing amongst a log list of other awards and accolades.


Bentley Blockades – INSPIRATIONAL – FB Video.
This is the latest short film to document the mammoth community resistance taking place at the Bentley Blockade, Northern New South Wales, Australia.  This is what has to happen when governments fail us and action is required, exercise your right to be listened to 🙂

The Oil and Gas Authority Interactive PEDL License Map – This interactive map has been produced by OGA to assist companies and members of the public with information that will help understand oil and gas exploration and production activity onshore in Great Britain including those areas already under licence and those areas that are on offer in OGA’s licensing Rounds. Zoom in and around the map of the UK to check where PEDL licences are and which number they are.