Frodsham Family claims seismic tests damaged their home

By August 15, 2016 blog One Comment

A Frodsham family has told shocked Frodsham town councillors how a radiator in their home started to come off the wall and that the chimney started swaying during the terrifying incident when seismic testing company Tesla carried out Seismic testing too close to their home.

The amount of time and money being laid out for these surveys means that fracking companies are definitely interested in drilling in your area, they need the data from surveys like this to identify the best spots to drill through to access the gas.

In Lancashire, 2012, local residents also complained that contractors trespassed into their gardens to lay cables and explosive charges. These companies do not have any right to access your land without prior agreement! If contractors come onto your land, you can refuse access. You can report it as trespass. Record any activity, damage, times, dates, locations and take pictures. If you are organised ahead of the survey, you can make it much harder for the fracking companies to get the data they want.