Fracking Supply Chain – D Morgan plc Ellesmere Port

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D Morgan plc of Ellesmere Port are supplying plant hire to the Cuadrilla fracking site at Preston New Rd, Lancashire.

In response to this, some local residents from Ellesmere Port have previously held ‘pop up protests’ out side their office and their depot in Hooton (for more info see

The company have also in the past supplied machinery to the Ellesmere Port site when it was test drilled in 2014, and also supplied machinery for the Upton Community Protection Camp Eviction in 2016

The home page of their website states ‘Our business activities provide us with the opportunity to impact positively on the communities in which we operate. D Morgan PLC cares about the environment in all its forms and recognises that concern for the environment is an integral part of how we manage the business.’

Please could people contact them – politely of course – maybe to provide them with information about the dangers of fracking to the environment, to explain that communities all over the UK are rejecting this industry at every level, or just to say how disappointed you are that a local company is supplying the fracking site.

They have a ‘Talk to us’ page on their website. ‘Talk to us if you see anything you believe we can prevent or improve, including Health and Safety, Environmental, Quality, or any other improvement …… or a member of the public, if you have something to say, we need to hear it, and will get back to you.’

Or their contact details are,
Head Office phone – 0151 339 8113
email –


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