FFD visit Nottingham for the Pagan Pride Festival

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On Saturday (6th August 2016) representatives from Frack Free Upton and Frack Free Little Stanney (community groups in the frack Free Dee coalition) travelled to Nottingham to the Pagan Pride Festival to help Frack Free Nottingham with the awareness stall they held there. It was a very enjoyable day and we were glad that we were able to make it to support our fellow campaigners. Cheshire and Nottingham not only have the threat of fracking in common but we also have INEOS (the plastics, petro chemical and gas company)that wish to exploit, and risk polluting, our communities for their own industrial and capital gain.

Both Nottingham and Cheshire are soon to undergo seismic surveys in their area. Here in Cheshire we have already undergone two rounds of testing but another is now planned for Northwich, Winsford, Knutsford and Farndon, so it was a prime opportunity for us to get together and talk about our past experiences and how the intrusiveness of it had affected our communities here. It was also good to get to know each other a bit better in real life and to discuss all the issues we have concerning the dangers of the unconventional gas extraction industry in general.

As well as manning the stall and badge making , we set about mixing with the very colourful crowd together to spread the word and bring awareness to the rich tapestry of festival goers (from all different walks of life) as to what was proposed around the Nottingham area, and were met with very positive responses and people signing up to get more involved with the local campaign. There are currently two active sites that have planning on the outskirts of the city; Misson Springs and Tinker Lane, aswell as Edwinstowe, Boughton and Ollerton in Sherwood area.

It wasn’t all work though, we enjoyed each others company and took the time to talk and eat together as well as watching the parade file in (a mixture of people, many dressed in spectacular costumes) and doing a little shopping in the festival stalls that sold a wide range of eye-catching craft, clothes, jewllery and gift items. There was also a band stand with live music which we sat and enjoyed for a while with the sun shining down on us. It was a very colourful and entertaining day among some truly amazing and energetic people.

We’d like to thank Frack Free Nottingham and The Merry Men, Women and Children for welcoming us to their event so warmly. Inspiration is born from coming together in a single cause and it makes us all stronger and more able to resist the onslaught of this dangerous industry that is so unwelcome in our communities. All the best to you in your fight, we will no doubt see each-other again soon.

If you wish to find out more about the groups/communities that are being affected by the industry in this blog follow the links below:

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Below are some photos from the day, which can be either viewed as a slideshow below or click on the photos to open in a new tab.



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