Cats Against Fracking!

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Following the success of Borras and Holt Community Protection Camp near Wrexham in holding ground and monitoring the potential drill site for activity from October 2014 up til the release of the PEDL license in June 2016, the camp has been slowly winding down over the winter, with the buildings being dismantled and the field being returned to its original state.

Over its lifespan, the camp has attacted many different people, who called this place home, and it also attracted a number of animals who made their way here to find a place of sanctuary, including in 2016 a mother cat who brought in her litter of kittens as a safe place to stay.

Appeal For Help! – Solved, Thank You !

The camp is now almost ready to leave. Five of the cats have been rehomed, there were two remaining that desperately need to find a home before February 14th. They are brother and sister, both have been neutered and when the right person was found to take them both, funds were available to get them chipped.

These are the words of a local resident and long term supporter of the camp – “The tabby is a girl and the black and white is a boy, I can’t stress enough how good it was to rehome them together, they never leave each other, they are very tame. They are roughly 7 months old were not born on camp but their mum just left them and then buggered off.  I didn’t want to say goodbye to them but they deserve a forever home.”

The camp itself is situated between Holt and Wrexham,  and is planning to be all packed up and gone by the end of March 2017. The postcode LL13 9TG in your sat nav or on google maps takes you very close (just round the corner)

Many thanks for your help with this, and your continued support.




Previous Successful Rehomings –

Other animals that have turned up unannounced and that have successfully been rehomed include

“Boris the vagabond pig, he was on the run, from who we don’t know. But he turned up at our doorstep and we took him in as our newest member of Borras and Holt anti fracking community. We built him a pen and let him have the best hut on the field which even has double glazing windows. Nobody claimed him despite asking locals. He has been a pet pig by the breed of him. He’s well fed and adored by us all. But we have to say goodbye to Boris and Borras which is sad, we are leaving the field and have found Boris a home on the basis he is castrated, he was booked in for castration on Monday 23rd January and will be set to go to pigs in the woods at the end of January woohoo! This is great news all around because it wasn’t looking good for Boris and we were worried about the outcome. “


Nobody can say that the clear-up of this camp has been a simple job!

Some of you will remember , following the eviction of Upton Community Protection Camp in January 2016, there were also 3 cats there that needed rehoming, all of whom went on to stay in the area in local homes, where they are much loved. One cat refused to leave the camp, and sparked off a community effort liaising  with police, bailiffs and the RSPCA in the attempt to rescue him as the camp was being demolished. The full story from January 2016 can be read by clicking on the following link –

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